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Carbon capture could provide UK 225,000 jobs – report

A new report has said that by investing in carbon capture the UK could create 225,000 jobs.

The report also says that there could be an economic gain of £160 billion and the storage of 1.5 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The report by Summit Energy follows a speech by the climate Minister Claire Perry, who heralded carbon capture as “essential”.

The executive advisor for Europe of the Global CCS Institute John Scowcroft said: “This report marks an important shift in focus, from an overly simplistic discussion about the ‘cost’ of CCS, to actually consider the socioeconomic value offered by investment in CCS infrastructure.

“CCS is a well-tested and versatile technology which has been proven as essential to meeting international climate change commitments.

“This study provides data to support the need for rapid CCS acceleration. It makes the sustainable base case for CCS as a central pillar in a new energy economy.”


  1. Allen C Russell

    It would be fantastic to re-open the Welsh coal mines, bringing jobs and prosperity to the Valleys. Power stations run on coal are already mothballed, just waiting for this technology.

  2. jack parker

    Great idea, pump it down the old oil wells and get the Oil industy more investment.all the infrastructure is in place.

  3. If what is being stated is 100% fact and not fiction it would be criminal if the powers to be do not take advantage on such a wealth of power sources. It could save house holders millions and make us independent of other foreign suppliers who live off our backs.

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