ASEAN Ministers acknowledge role of coal

ASEAN Ministers acknowledge role of coal

There is a growing need for the promotion of clean coal technology, ministers have said in a joint ministerial announcement following the 35th ASEAN meeting.

The statement also highlighted the continued role of coal in the region’s energy mix. It said: “They acknowledged the continuing role of coal in addressing the energy security, economic competitiveness, and environmental sustainability in the region.”

It comes before a meeting of the World Bank where the US will use its position to answer demands from the developing world to promote the use of fossil fuels.

The Ministers also committed to transitioning to more efficient coal technology, recognising the ability of high efficiency coal technology in reducing emissions and also to provide economic development.

They said: “Enhanced deployment of cleaner coal technology will reduce ASEAN’s emissions profile, while ensuring affordable energy for economic development and poverty reduction.”

Specifically the Ministers acknowledged the key role that modern coal technology will play in meeting the Paris agreement.

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