Carbon capture: “vital” – Minister

Carbon capture: “vital” – Minister

The UK climate Minister Claire Perry has said that the government will be announcing new carbon capture policy.

Speaking at the Conservative party conference Perry called the technology “vital”.

Perry said she would be “saying a lot more” Carbon Capture and Storage in the coming weeks, hinting that the Government is preparing to make a major financial commitment to the technology.

Carbon capture is now expected to form a part of the Clean Growth plan, due for publication soon. The technology is applicable for both industry and power generation.

Perry said: “There is no magic bullet. Ahead I see a road of small but important steps.”

These comments follow a written question to the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) about carbon capture to which Perry answered: “The Government will set out further detail on its policy for carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the Clean Growth Strategy, which will be published shortly.”

The Minister’s recent comments and this written answer indicate that the government will invest in carbon capture.

This would follow commitments by the Scottish, India, US and Canadian government to support carbon capture technology.

The UK government’s previous failure to embrace carbon capture technology was criticised by the influential Public Accounts Committee earlier this year. In a report the committee said: “CCS has a central role to play across the UK economy to achieve this country’s emissions reductions target at the lowest possible cost to consumers.”

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