50% of UK public support new coal with carbon capture

50% of UK public support new coal with carbon capture

A new survey has shown that 50% of the UK public would support a new coal plant with carbon capture.

The survey, carried out by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers showed that 50% of the public were in favour of new coal plants if the plant was fitted with carbon capture technology.

The survey also showed that a higher proportion of people think that the government’s first priority for generating electricity should be meeting domestic and industrial requirements rather than using methods that have the least impact on the climate.

This news comes before the upcoming World Bank meeting in which the US will back calls to promote the cleanest possible use of fossil fuels in developing countries.

The Head of Energy and Environment at the Institution for Mechanical Engineers, Dr Jennifer Baster, said: “Government has abandoned plans to support carbon capture and storage technology in any significant way, despite studies and many pathways showing that this technology is vital to meeting climate change targets.

“Carbon capture and storage offers huge potential to retroactively decarbonise our existing fleet, as well as offering the potential to build new low-carbon power plants fuelled by gas. These results show that this sort of negative emissions technology also has broad support from the public. If the Government is serious about providing a secure and diverse electricity system, it must focus on reducing energy demand, improving energy efficiency and introducing carbon capture and storage.

“It is also curious that despite much of the public and political debate over electricity centring on the issue of pricing, the public viewed this as a less important issue than security of supply or the impact on climate change.”

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