US to export coal to Ukraine

US to export coal to Ukraine

The US will begin exporting coal to Ukraine.

US company Xcoal Energy & Resources have signed a contract to supply one of the largest power companies in Ukraine, Centrenergo PJSC with over 700,000 tons of steam coal.

A spokesperson for Xcoal, Ted O’Brien, said: “It was very much the result of a concerted effort from the governments of both countries.”

According to reports 210,000 tons of coal will be sent to Ukraine by early September.

The US export of energy resources has been central to President Trump’s foreign policy.

Trump has said: “Russia makes its money through selling of oil, and we’ve got underneath us more oil than anybody, and nobody knew it until five years ago.”

“In recent years, Kiev and much of Eastern Europe have been reliant on and beholden to Russia to keep the heat on,” Energy Secretary Rick Perry said.

“That changes now. The United States can offer Ukraine an alternative, and today we are pleased to announce that we will.”

US coal exports have increased in 2017 and coal has become the largest fuel source for electricity generation in the country.


  1. I thought Ukraine had enough coal reserves to be self sufficient

  2. Excellent site you have listted here, i do agree on somke point although,
    bbut not all.

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