Shell to become UK electricity supplier

Shell to become UK electricity supplier

Royal Dutch Shell is to launch itself as an electricity utility in the UK.

The second largest oil company in the World has applied for a licence to supply power to businesses across the UK.

Part of this move is the assumption of power supply to 600 sites that the company owns in the UK, including 550 petrol stations.

The move is part of wider Shell European policy which has seen the same moves in Germany, Italy and Turkey.

Shell’s general manager for northwest Europe, Jonathan McCloy, said: “The decision to offer power supply directly to end users in Great Britain’s industrial and commercial sector reinforces our strategy to boost our position in Europe’s electricity market.”

An analyst at Cornwall, Robert Buckley, said that Shell’s foray “would certainly make people sit up and take notice”.

The move comes as widespread discontent continues to spread across the UK about the cost of energy.

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