US producing and consuming more coal in 2017

US producing and consuming more coal in 2017

The United States’ production and consumption of coal is growing as the country, new figures show.

The Government’s Energy Information Administration new statistics show that production has increased by 7% when compared with 2016 and consumption has increased by 3.2%.

The rise comes as the states of Wyoming and Montana have recorded the fastest rises in production since 2014.

President Donald Trump has made reinvigorating current and former coal communities a priority of his administration.

Only last night, the President appeared at a rally in West Virginia where he announced that the state’s Governor Jim Justice would defect from the Democratic Party to his Republican Party.

He told supporters that he would put coal miners back to work and that he would continue to support clean coal.

“We’ve ended the war on beautiful, clean coal. We’ve stopped the E.P.A. intrusion.” Mr Trump said.

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