UK should take “huge opportunity” of carbon capture – MP

UK should take “huge opportunity” of carbon capture – MP

A UK MP has lobbied the Energy Minister Richard Harrington to provide government support for the Teesside collective carbon capture project.

Simon Clarke, MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland met with Harrington to discuss the potential to expand carbon capture in the North East of England.

The Minister has set out questions for the Teesside collective to answer for the government to consider investment. These questions include the financial contributions of the industry to the economy.

Following the meeting Mr Clarke said: “The Minister’s questions provide much-needed clarity and a chance to set out how our area can deliver a key asset for our country.

“We’re a step closer to realising the vision of the Teesside Collective. CCS represents a huge opportunity for Teesside, curbing our carbon emissions while creating thousands of jobs.

“I’m going to do all I can in Westminster to secure Government support.”

The government has moved away from the promotion of carbon capture technology.

This has been criticised by the influential Public Accounts Committee in Parliament, which earlier this year said: “CCS has a central role to play across the UK economy to achieve this country’s emissions reductions target at the lowest possible cost to consumers.”

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