US senate opposes cuts to carbon capture research

US senate opposes cuts to carbon capture research

The US Senate Committee on Appropriations has passed a bill rejecting the proposed cuts to the funding of the Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Fuel Energy.

The cuts entailed 55% of the overall budget and 84% cut to carbon capture and storage programmes.

Carbon capture research has been highlighted by experts and politicians as being necessary if countries across the world are to hit emissions reduction targets.

Senator Heidi Heitkamp said: “We need to make sure the federal resources are there to help make that goal (of reducing emissions) possible.”

The move will be welcomed by US energy secretary Rick Perry who has said: “I don’t believe you can have a real conversation about clean energy without including CCUS.

“We have already seen the success of projects like Petra Nova in Texas, which is the world’s largest post-combustion carbon-capture system.

“Our experience with CCUS proves that you can do the right thing for the environment and the economy too.”

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