Coal will remain the “mainstay” of India’s power mix

Coal will remain the “mainstay” of India’s power mix

A new report released in India has said that coal will continue to be the “mainstay” in India’s energy mix for decades to come.

The report was written by the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) and the Institute of Energy Economics Japan.

it highlights the role of modern high efficiency, low emission coal plants in reducing emissions.

The role of renewable energy in reducing emissions was downplayed. In a low carbon scenario, the report said, 86% of emission reductions would come through increased efficiency and through measures such as increasing the efficiency of coal fired power stations.

The report highlighted the expanding role of advanced coal technology, saying that sub-critical technology will be phased out by 2032. Integrated Gas Combined Cycle technology (IGCC) and Ultra-super critical technology will reduce coal requirement by 30% and emissions by up to 50%.

A large uptake in carbon capture technology was predicted by the report.

It comes as a former head of coal India has highlighted that new coal technology will continue to embed coals pre-eminence in the energy mix. In an interview with Climate Home he said: “This (reports of solar’s ascendency) fails to take into account the enormous scope and ample technology that can take the average plant load factor of coal-based power plants.”

The interviewer summarised his comments by saying: “In other words, don’t read too much into cancelations of new coal plants, coal still has a competitive edge.”

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