Parliament condemns Hinkley Point nuclear plant

Parliament condemns Hinkley Point nuclear plant

A scathing report by a powerful House of Lords committee has slamming Hinkley Point’s nuclear plant as “risky”, and said that the Government must prioritise energy security.

The Committee’s Chair Lord Holick said the Hinkley Point nuclear plant was unlikely be delivered on time, and that with 7% of the UK’s capacity on the line, the country must look at a “plan B”.

“Hinkley Point C is a good example of the way policy has become unbalanced and affordability neglected. It does not provide good value for money for consumers and there are substantial risks associated with the project,” he said.

The cost of the project is estimated to be £30 billion to consumers, and will produce electricity at £92.50 per megawatt hour – which is 55% higher than coal-fired and gas power plants in the UK.

The scathing assessment comes after reports that EDF, the French company behind the Hinkley Point development, is facing €37 billion in debt and may be forced to seek a bailout from the French Government.

The Lords Economic Affairs Committee, whose membership includes two former Chancellors, also said that the Government must ensure “the security of the UK’s energy supply is the priority of its energy policy”.

The report said that the Government’s pursuit of climate change targets had prioritised decarbonisation ahead of energy security and those targets should be “managed flexibly”.


  1. A previous Minister in the coalition government, was awarded a knighthood for making a go for Hinkley and the extremely high cost of its electricity as well as that of renewables. Could someone please cancel the whole deal and find a British or Canadian company that will get the ball rolling at a more realistic price. Can anything be done about removing this award for failure?

  2. Gabrielle Oates

    I believe this is to try and take the people’s minds off of Brexit, well we would like you to know that it will not work.


    I do not believe that the so called clean energy is nuclear, the situation after Chernobyl, and now the disastrous Fukushima Atomic plant which is pouring over ten tons of nuclear waste into the ocean every day for the last three years and presently still doing so proves to me that the cost to mankind is too great, Coal plants should be opened and upgraded to modern pollution standards as in Germany, it is a misleading and preposterous lie to use the term clean energy with Atomic Power.
    The cost must be disregarded in such issues, and the future of our children must be given precedence.

  4. Lynda Clements

    Having worked in a coal-fired power station I can tell you from experience that nuclear is far cleaner than coal. If the technology has been created to clean the air before it gets pumped out of the stacks then coal should be brought back in because we have it in under our own soil and its top grade coal.

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