Trump overturns Obama’s mining restrictions

Trump overturns Obama’s mining restrictions

President Trump has signed legislation that will end a key Obama administration rule on coal mining.

The bill, signed on Thursday, overturns the Office of Surface Mining’s Stream Protection Rule, a regulation designed to protect waterways from coal mining waste that was only finalised in December.

The rule was considered to be among the most controversial environmental regulations that the former administration passed. The coal mining industry claimed it would be costly to implement and lead to job losses across the sector, which has already endured several years of difficult market conditions.

At the signing, Trump called the regulation “another terrible job killing rule” and said ending it would save “many thousands American jobs, especially in the mines, which, I have been promising you — the mines are a big deal.”

“This is a major threat to your jobs and we’re going to get rid of this threat,” he added. “We’re going to fight for you.”

The bill is the second piece of legislation designed to end an Obama-era environmental regulation since President Trump took office last month. On Tuesday, he signed a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution cancelling a financial disclosure requirement for energy companies.

Both the mining and financial disclosure bills are expected to be the start of a significant Republican drive to reverse a wave of regulations implemented in the closing days of the Obama administration. The House has passed several CRA resolutions, and the Senate has so far sent three of them to President Trump for his signature.


  1. Why is the World Media not trumpeting Trump’s immediate delivery of an election promise – to SAVE American jobs…??

  2. What about global warming this man will ruin all the good thats been achieved

  3. Deborah harriman

    He cares about his American people !!

  4. Global warming is a myth the world changes like this ever so many 1000 years they told us at the start all this energy stuff they do wiĺl give us cheape bill there still going up and jobs are geting lost through goverments laws trump is doing wat is needed and wat he promised thats y he got voted in

  5. Jaffaman yeah and it will increase pollution in a allready polluted country wait till you can nolonger drink the water the corporations will be rubbing their hands when you have to buy it trump is all about the corporations he’s a business man

  6. When the water supplies are poisoned and your towns are in smog, your droughts are producing no food and the dams are dry. When you can’t work because you have cancer. When you can’t exercise due to the pollution.

    ….Will you learn?


  7. Mal Thorpe, can you not just be happy, bottling water because tap water is un drinkable will create jobs

  8. For the first time we have in the world sumone doing what he promise ,you voted for it ,and now you complainnig?????,shut up and deal with it

  9. Andrew Readman

    America wake up and smell the coffee all trump cares about is his own greed

  10. Can anyone else remember the time when global warming was referred to as ……….WEATHER.

  11. We are destroying the planet we live on. Doesn’t anyone see tha. We the human race are like plaque on teeth to this planet, just destroying it. If nothing is done to protect our planet that we live on everyone will be dead. Money and power means nothing then and plays no part when you die other than to pay for a fancy casket. Dead planet means dead human race. We need to learn to work with the panned and protect it. An that goes for all country’s all over then world. Going green can also make jobs.

  12. Reading all these “global warming’s a myth” comments.
    Damn you americans are so dull.
    You’re actually willing to put the entire planet at risk due to your deluded and backward naivety?
    I’m in shock, really i am 😂
    It’s no myth, and yes, you’re right. The earth does warm every 10 or so thousand years, the thing is, our polution has sped that up… drastically.
    If you’re really set on believing that co2 emissions (among all the other shit we spill into tye atmosphere) is really no harm at all.
    Then i kindly invite you to sit yourself in a car, wind up all the windows and tape over the door slots whilst pumping your exhaust fumes into the cabin… let me know how that goes for you.

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