Trump administration’s energy policy to revive coal industry

Trump administration’s energy policy to revive coal industry

Within an hour of U.S. President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the new administration revealed its energy policy on the White House website.

At the policy’s forefront are the revival of the coal industry and a clear focus on the oil and gas industries. The Obama administration’s 2013 Climate Action Plan, meanwhile, is set to be scrapped. The Environmental Protection Agency will refocus on protecting the air and water.

Backing clean coal technology will be at the core of the agenda for revitalising the industry. This will in turn encourage the development of cutting-edge carbon capture and storage technologies, and allow for a diversified energy mix.

Through leveraging the “vast untapped domestic energy reserves,” the incoming administration cites its intention to bring back “jobs and prosperity to millions of Americans.”

America’s new leadership claims its proposed plans will also free America of the dependence on foreign resources and industrial regulations while allowing for “energy policies that stimulate our economy, ensure our security, and protect our health.”


  1. Marcus Rose

    I think more money needs spending on research to filter the harmful fumes from coal.

  2. Marcus Rose just look up Carbon capture and storage. I wish the uk government would follow Trump’s lead.

  3. Andrew Harris

    Barry Kent can you imagine people who first saw a motor vehicle saying go back to the horse and carriage? Well they probably did and that’s what you’re doing here.

  4. Personwithabrain

    Orrrr we couls invest in solar and other technologies and solve the problem forever and not have to use this crap. Trump= moron

  5. Joanna Godfrey

    How is wrecking the environment and filling the air with poisoned gases from fracking, coal, oil etc going to protect the health of the people?

  6. Ernest Hartland

    So many condemn the use of alternative power with some reason. We see the indifference by Motor Manufacturers who implant computer software in their vehicles to cover up the deficisions in their Motors output of harmful gases. My own vehicle is now reduced in Miles Per Gallon due to these so called environmental safeguards. Frankly, unless the Whole World takes care of the World, then just a few Nations doing anything about it is a fruitless exercise costing the Tax Payers Millions.

  7. Why have coal mines closed – because it is not profitable for mining companies to get the remaining coal out. Therefore – who is going to take this on?

  8. Whats the first thing these people do when they go home turn on tv put the kettle on and enjoy life they should be put in a field with mud huts no power or electricity and get real hypocrits coal forever

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