Australian PM backs clean coal technology to reach emission targets

Australian PM backs clean coal technology to reach emission targets

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has backed the use of new coal technology to cut the country’s emissions and meet its Paris agreement obligations.

Mr Turnbull said: “We are the biggest coal exporter in the world. If anybody — if any country — has a vested interest in demonstrating that clean coal and cleaner coal with new technologies can make a big contribution to our energy mix — and, at the same time, reduce our emissions in net terms — it’s us.”

The news follows the release of official government estimates showing that by replacing old generators with ultra-supercritical coal technology, Australia could cut carbon emissions by up to 27 percent.

Ultra-supercritical technology – which processes coal at higher temperatures and pressures than was previously possible – reduces emissions by ensuring that less energy is wasted in power generation. The technology is already being deployed in Japan, China, India and Korea. 

Boosting efficiency in this way could deliver carbon reductions of around 30% on average across Australia’s coal fleet. 

 The Prime Minister’s comments come after Australia’s Resource Minister Matt Canavan said: “It would be foolish to turn a blind eye to ultra-supercritical technologies, especially given they’re being used by other nations in our region — including the very nations that buy our coal.’’

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  1. Gb invested in scr at ratcliffe power station costing 1 billion £ over 4 units the first in the country what happened next they turned there back on coal and now they are strugling to meet demand at peak times bring on the candles they deserve it

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