Positive outlook for Indian power sector

Positive outlook for Indian power sector

International ratings agency Moody’s has upgraded the long-term outlook for India’s power sector from negative to stable in its latest report.

The report ‘Power Sector – Asia Pacific: 2017 Outlook – Rising Industry Challenges Are Manageable, Outlook Stable’ released late last week states that the change in rating follows an upsurge in domestic coal production and a financial restructure of utilities companies.

“We have changed the outlook for the Indian power sector to stable from negative, because the increased domestic production of coal will ease constraints on fuel supply,” the agency said in its report.

The news of the improved outlook came as Coal India, the world’s largest producer by output announced it had increased production by 5.3 per cent in November 

Production is likely to continue to increase as India seeks to meet its rapidly growing energy demands.

India’s Oil Minister told a Petrotech conference in New Delhi on 4 December that energy consumption will increase by 91 per cent over the next 25 years alone.



  1. Kisan v. Deshmukh

    Very Nice

  2. Yes, With Modiji at the Helm, all sectors will begin to shine. Shining for ever under his able leadership. Give him some more time, if possible, two more terms as Prime Minister, we will have a vibrant India, with all oppurtunities in ot. Wait and see. Under Modiji, it will happen.

  3. Kailash Chander Sharma

    This will be the great achievement.Thanks to Modi je a Great PM.

  4. m.k.sridhar

    Good news.The chaos created by USA govts coal scam starving power stations of coal has been solved

  5. Great news..Let us propel towards self suffiency..

  6. What is the meaning of this rating?

  7. Ashok Kumar Potluri

    Good sign of improvement especially for professionals in power sector. It would be more appreciateble if salaries gets hiked parallelly with growth of power sector.

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